Armitage III

Video: 704×480, 704×478, h264, ~3198-3470 kbps, crf 16, 23.976 fps
Audio: Japanese, 2.0, 48 kHz, 224 kbps, ac3; English, 2.0, 48 kHz, 224 kbps, ac3
Subtitles: English, styled, 100% soft

Video source: Possibly R2J DVD.
Audio and subtitle source: R1 DVD.

anidb link:

Available at nyaa: 532741

The video

This was encoded from what could be the Japanese DVD with Russian audio and subtitles added, available at rutracker. It looks a lot like the R1 DVD, but the R1 DVD has additional aliasing on edges, less detail in dark areas, and a weird issue where some pairs of frames got their chroma mixed up (frame n has the chroma from n+1, n+1 has the chroma from n).

The static rainbows were removed with bifrost. The moving rainbows were weakened with motion-compensated dfmderainbow. A handful of scenes where the rainbows were still too visible were filtered with edgemasked 7×7 average.

Episodes three and four had shifted luma levels. Instead of the normal range of 16-235, the luma was approximately between 32 and 255.

The credits in episode four had to be reconstructed from twenty screenshots, because of what is probably field blending.

The audio

The rutracker DVD has a six-channel Japanese track, which is suspicious, because cdjapan says it should be stereo. It was easier to take both tracks from the R1 DVD anyway.

The subtitles

The subtitles had to be retimed from scratch. Some phrases were split over two or three lines for no reason, so I rejoined them.

They were probably dubtitles, based on checking the very statistically significant selection of one line (“cowboys up the ass”). I changed a few lines that were obviously not saying the same as the Japanese audio and were easy to translate.


~ by dubhater on March 15, 2014.

4 Responses to “Armitage III”

  1. I have the physical dvd for this.

    • Oh, I see. If it’s the Japanese DVD, would you mind checking the total size of the disk and the bitrate of the audio, please?

  2. Any plans to do the movie (Dual Matrix), to replace E-D again?

    • I don’t have any plans for Dual Matrix, for two reasons:
      – I didn’t like it much
      – there seems to be no Japanese DVD available.

      I think if the Japanese DVD appears somewhere on the internet, Ondeed might be interested in it.

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