Video: 712×476, 10 bit h264, ~1042-1873 kbps, crf 16, 23.976 fps
Audio: Japanese, 2.0, 48 kHz, ~201-225 kbps, vorbis (aotuv)
Subtitles: English, styled, 100% soft

Video and audio source: R2J DVDs.
Subtitle sources: Simoun-Fans, R1 DVDs.

The default subtitle track is the Simoun-Fans translation, with no lyrics for the songs. The second track has lyrics from the official translation added, and the third track is the full official translation, almost untouched.

anidb link:

Offered at Bakabt: 171299


The R1 translation is almost 100% intact. I only corrected a typo, and removed “translations” for lines spoken in Argentum’s and Plumbum’s “languages” (gibberish). They simply read “Foreign”. Not all that useful. I also eliminated (most of?) the scene bleeds.

Sadly, the R1 translation sucks. It may well be accurate, but the English is terrible.

The changes I made to the fansub (and the R1 translation) can be seen here:
This time I tried to type exactly what I saw while extracting the fansub. That way all the changes should be visible in git.

I like how the only on-screen text in this anime is the episode titles, and they all look the same. \o/


The ending had interlaced credits on hard telecined background.
I replaced that with the creditless version. Also the opening,
for consistency.

Pattern guidance would not have been practical. Too many scenes have two or three frames at the end which require a different pattern. I just fixed tfm’s mistakes (those that a vthresh search revealed) and let tdecimate do what it could.

After quality checking I also fixed a handful of mistakes tdecimate made.

Bright scenes were blinding, so I lowered the contrast a tad.

The banding was pretty awesome in some places, like the first scene of the ED. The affected scenes were treated with f3kdb.


About “extras 8.2”: it is the second bonus thing on the eighth DVD. It is a three-minute video made of clips from various episodes, plus some funny on-screen text. The dialogue was taken from the episodes, so it was already translated, but the text was new. I had to translate that myself.

There are nine other bonus things on the DVDs. Sadly, they weren’t interesting enough to motivate me to fix the timing of the subtitles.


~ by dubhater on April 25, 2013.

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