Dai Mahou Touge

aka Magical Witch Punie-chan

Video: ~712×476, 10 bit h264, ~1897-5047 kbps, crf 16, 23.976 fps
Audio: Japanese, 2.0, 48 kHz, 192 kbps, ac3; English, 2.0, 48 kHz, 192 kbps, ac3
Subtitles: English, styled, 100% soft

Audio, video and subtitle source: R1 DVD.

anidb link: http://anidb.net/a4149

Available at bakabt: 169544

Yes, I really did include the English dub. Let’s just say I stopped caring about that. Japanese audio and full subtitles are the default tracks. The extras had no English dub.

Episodes 3 and 4 are noisy, therefore they are much larger than episodes 1 and 2.

Sign typesetting done the lazy way, with \an.

The subtitles can be found at github: https://github.com/dubhater/dai-mahou-touge


~ by dubhater on January 12, 2013.

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